Multi-Language Blu-Ray Database 2015-2016

Multi-Language Blu-Ray Database 2015-2016

Download Multi-Language Blu-Ray Database 2015-2016


The 2015-2016 edition of the Blu Ray database has details of over 150 newly added Blu Rays. The total number of Blu Ray details is 690+

The database includes the following

  1. 530+ English Blu Ray details including 75+ 3D Blu Rays
  2. 100+ Hindi Blu Ray details
  3. 30+ Malayalam Blu Ray details
  4. 10+ Tamil Blu Ray details

Each Blu Ray database includes the following details about each title


  1. Front Cover
  2. Back Cover
  3. Disc Image


  1. Actors & Actresses
  2. Director
  3. Copyright information
  4. Disc Region
  5. Movie Genre
  6. Movie and BD release year
  7. Duration of the Movie
  8. Audio Type
  9. Subtitle Details
  10. Synopsis
  11. Special feature details
  12. Movie rating

Apart from the above key features, each database include many other information that you might not find elsewhere.

The database is a free download and can be downloaded from the link mentioned above.


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