Monsoon Mangoes Review

Monsoon Mangoes Review

Movie : Monsoon Mangoes
Genre : Comedy
Director : Abi Varghese
Script : Abi Varghese, Matt Grubb, Naveen Bhaskar
Music Director : Jakes Bejoy
Cinematography : Lukasz Pruchnik
Producer : Thampy Antony
Cast : Fahadh Faasil,Iswarya Menon,Vinay Forrt,Tovino Thomas Release
Date : 15-01-2016
Duration : 132.01 Minutes
Screen Watched : Cinepolis Centre Square Mall Screen 3
Crowd Status : 80 %

Viewers Expectation

“Monsoon Mangoes” is the directorial debut of Malayalam Comedy series “Akkara Kazhchakal” fame Abi Varghese. The series consisted of fifty episodes which chronicled the lives of a middle-class Malayali family settled in the United States which was aired in Kairali Channel. This non emotional rather comedy entertainer series was widely accepted by the public. The Trailer, Reputation of Fahad Fasil and the above factors drove public to the theatre.


The film is about the life of D P Pallickal( Fahad Fazil), a film aspirant who want to make his life considerable in the movie Industry. The film is all about the making of his movie titled “Monsoon Mangoes” where he comes across not-so-popular 65 year old Bollywood actor named Premkumar (Vijay Raaz), to depict the main character in his movie. Fahad Fazil’s strive to complete his project from the rest of the movie.

Artist Performance

Fahadh Faasil scored rightly as D P Pallickal, an aspirant movie maker and he excel in situational comedies. Vijay Raaz as Premkumar deserves a special applause for his performance. Vinay Forrt is doing typo in this film, but still audience will like that. Leading lady Iswarya Menon has minimal role and nothing much to do. The rest of the actors, including Josukutty,Tovino Thomas, Sanju Sivaram, Thampy Anthony and Nandhu played their parts well.

Technical Departments

Script & Direction :
Director Abi Varghese successfully portrays the lives of US-based Malayalis to near the perfection. He made some genuine situational comedy sequences which will offer you real laughter. The script, which is written by the director himself, along with Naveen Bhaskar & Matt Grubb, but lacks strength. Other Departments :
Lukasz Pruchnik’s cinematography and breathtaking visuals of its distinct locales of US make movie a visual treat. Jakes Bejoy composed the music which goes well with the movie. Donmax as an editor is ineffective, as the movie upsets in its slow pace.

First Half Analysis

The film starts with migrant striving film-maker D P Pallikkal who is on a pursuit to make a movie even though he don’t have technical talents. Monsoon Mangoes moves at a funny pace with the film making and his friends circle helping to achieve it. Meeting with an old bollywood actor Premkumar give DP the pace to go forward with the movie.

Second Half Analysis

The second half deals with the difficulties he faces to complete his movie and the emotional sequence with Premkumar . It focus on completing his dream cinema “Monsoon Mangoes”.

Crowd Verdict

Apart from the comic entertainment part, the film didn’t go well with the crowd. The film buzz out in the end.

Cinemakkaaran Verdict

Fahadh’s movie which will satisfy the needs of experimental movie lovers. “Monsoon Mangoes” is an inspiring movie for the film lovers.

Cinemakkaaran Rating :

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