Style Review

Style Review

Movie : STYLE
Genre : Romance Action
Banner : ARK Media
Director : Binu S
Script : Anil Narayanan & Dominic Arun
Music Director : Jassie Gift
Cinematography : Sinoj P Ayyappan
Producer : Rajesh Augustine
Cast : Unni Mukundan ,Tovino Thomas
Release Date : 02-01-2016
Duration : 154 Minutes Screen
Watched : EVM Screen 4 Perumbavoor Crowd Status : 90 %

Viewers Expectation

Starter movie of 2016. Expectations was more because of the union on young stars like Unni Mukundhan, Tovino & Binu the director of Ithihasa. The viewers were expecting a Cliche movie as because of the description from the trailer and posters.


Tom is a car mechanic who leads a very happy life with his family consisting of his father, mother and his little brother Jerry who is 15 years younger than him. The story develops through the fun and silly fights of Tom and Jerry. Later on, Tom meets a girl by chance and falls in love with her. The story takes a quick turn when Edgar enters their life.

Artist Performance

The movie got changed to a stylish one by the role of Unni Mukunthan as a car mechanic Tom and Tovino as edger, the Villain. Unni Mukunthan did a great job as the hero by filling the actor with good like, style, action and dance. Tovino came as the villain Edger with a superb intro. Even the scenes were less for the Villain got a great round of hand blows. Also both the villain and hero had great dialogue delivery too. Heroin Priyanka is just like a Telugu Heroin as described in trailer. She played her part very well . Child artist Master Ilhan also got showers of claps. Vijayaraghavan and Balu acted their role well even the roles are familiar with the previous movies. Baiju Ezhupunna, Rony & Noby played their act well.

Technical Departments

Script & Direction :
The proven director Binu S tried to fill the story with action, comedy & romance as like Ithihasa, but it didn’t work properly. The movie is executed as an action, mass one. We can expect good movies from this director if there is a support of strong good scripts. The script was not enough for an extra ordinary action movie. The directors effort came to a failure of making the characters as the best because of the scenes were not enough to fulfill them even the contents was very enough in the movie. Other Departments :
Rajesh Agustin, the same producer of Ithihasa did this movie for us. The execution of the great mass movie is a success is only because of the producers support. The camera man filled the movie with a bunch of colorful shots and scenes as the viewers expectations. Presence of some avoidable scenes in the first and second half makes the viewers feel the lack of editing. The combination of Jassy Gift’s songs and Rahul Raj background music was an awesome one. The song “Chenthamara Chundil” was one of the best. The song sequence of “Chenthamara Chundil”, “Mazha Thully Thully” is a really good one with dance and songs. Even the song “Mazha Thulli Thulli” showed a mismatch, Unni Mukunthan played as a good one. The movie has nice action sequences as in Tamil and Telugu movies by the good performance of Unni mukunthan & Tovino.

First Half Analysis

The entry of Edger and Diya in the happy and joyful life of mechanic Tom and his brother Jerry leads the story. Viewers feeling bored because of the huge sequences of love.

Second Half Analysis

The problems facing by Tom because of the entry of Edger & Diya leading the second half. Better second half and climax have good response from viewers.

Crowd Verdict

Youngsters received the movie with huge claps. Some category of peoples like the movie very much.

Cinemakkaaran Verdict

The peoples who loves action movies like Tamil and Telugu can buy the tickets for this movie. They can have enough in this.

Cinemakkaaran Rating :

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