Action Hero Biju Review

Genre : Comedy
Banner : Pauly Jr Pictures
Director : Abrid Shine
Script : Abrid Shine,Muhammad Shafeeq
Music Director : Jerry Amaldev
Cinematography : Alex J. Pulickal
Producer : Nivin Pauly,Shibu Thekkumpuram
Cast : Nivin Pauly,Anu Emmanuel,Joju ,Suraj Venjaramood,Major Ravi
Release Date : 04-02-2016
Duration : 145 Minutes
Screen Watched : EVM Screen 2 Perumbavoor
Crowd Status : 40 %
Review Courtesy:

Viewers Expectation

After a long interval yet another movie of Nivin Pauly has hit the theaters, right after the announcement of this movie, the viewers had a great deal of expectation on this movie. After 1983, Abrid Shine has casted Nivin Pauly is the lead role. Soon after the super hit movie ‘Premam’ the viewer’s expectation on yet another Nivin Pauly’s movie soared the sky.


The movie narrates the story of S.I Biju Paulose. The happenings in official life of a cop, the characters he comes across and how a police officer confronts with it, that is the crux of the movie.

Artist Performance

As Nivin handles the title role, his performance really satisfies the audience expectation. The character Biju is very much similar to a police officer which we have seen in our day today life. Nivin has very well portrayed the role of a police officer who wants to uphold the justice in the society. But in the dialogue presentation in certain places there are few flips to mention. The heroine who is played by Anu Emmanuel, does not have a meaty role, Anu’s character Beneetta Domonic was restricted to one or two scenes and song sequences. Slightly hot tempered with slices of humor Biju definitely is a different role essayed by Nivin Pauly. Joju’s character ‘Minikuttan’ won the audience applause for excellent comic presentation. What stunned the viewers is the brilliant performance by Suraj Venjaramoodu. This character brought tears in the eyes of the viewers, more such roles can be portrayed by this actor if he is given the apt role and similarly Rohini all though given a small role she has done her part so well. The other police characters played by Major Ravi and Saiju Kurup, characters played by them were apt and safe in their hands. Few ‘new faces’ makes their debut performance in this movie, some of them are good but at the same time, certain other people seems to be a mismatch for the movie. Prajod Kalabhavan, Dr. Rony, Jude Antony have handled their roles well.

Technical Departments

Script & Direction :
It is not an easy task to glue the viewers to their seats for two and a half hours, without the backing of a good story but to certain extend Abrid Shine has succeeded on that. Definitely the viewers had expected more from him.

The movie was penned together by Abrid Shine and Muhammed Shereef. The story is narrated in a simple way without any twist and suspense but we should wait and see how far it will be welcomed by viewers. Other Departments :
The movie is produced by Nivin Pauly who is also the hero of the movie because of that director could present the movie in the right way as the movie demands.Camera is cranked by Alex, he has done his part well.Editing should have been done better in some places editing is not sinking with the movie.

Music is by Jerry Amaldev, he is not a music director suited for such a movie. The responses on music is received with mixed responses. For the picturization of the song Pookal Panineer pookal, the director couldn’t create good picturization. Rajesh Murukeshna’s BGM is disappointing, which is least expected from Rajesh who has created a marvelous BGM for hit movie ‘ Premam’. This draw back is explicitly seen in the movie. Mixing and sound effect is done well in the movie.

First Half Analysis

The first half is focused on S. I Biju Paulose and his cent percent commitment to profession. The people whom he meets during that job and how he resolves their problems.

Second Half Analysis

In the second half, it is the same as first half, people coming with grievances and how S.I Biju resolves their problems.

Crowd Verdict

The movie is getting mixed response but we will have to wait longer to see whether Nivin could win the hearts of family crowd.

Cinemakkaaran Verdict

The story of a honest police officer Biju Paulose is narrated in a simple way, this movie should not be rated as a bad movie, neither it is a good movie. Those people who wish to watch a straight forward and honest police officer’s story can surely watch it.

Cinemakkaaran Rating :

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