Vettah Review

Vettah Review


Movie : Vettah
Genre : Thriller
Banner : Red Rose Creations ,Rajesh Pillai
Films Director : Rajesh R Pillai
Script : Arunlal Ramachandran
Music Director : Shaan Rahman
Cinematography : Anishlal R.S
Producer : Haneef Muhammad,Rajesh Pillai
Cast : Kunchacko Boban,Manju Warrier ,Indrajith Sukumaran,Kadhal Sandhya
Release Date : 26-02-2016
Duration : 112 Minutes
Screen Watched : EVM Screen 1 Perumbavoor
Crowd Status : 50 %

Viewers Expectation

Vettah (The hunt) is the fourth movie directed by Rajesh Pillai, the movie ‘Traffic’ which was the second film of Rajesh Pillai, which presented a freshness in narration of the story was really an unique cinema experience for the Malayali film lovers.Soon after traffic, Rajesh Pillai and Kunchako Boban join hands, along with Manju Warrier and Indrajith, this movie even without a trailer only with stills and poster aroused an anxiety and expectation to the viewers.


Melvin (Chackochan)who is a clerk in the court, commissioner Sribala (Manju) assistant commissioner .Selex Abraham (Indrajith) play the pivotal roles and the tale moves forward with these three people. As Melvin is arrested in a case, who is Melvin? Why is he getting arrested? The movie ‘Vettah begins here..

Artist Performance

The main high light of the movie is brilliant performance by Kunchako Boban. The character Melvin is beautifully portrayed by Kunchcako. The various dimensions of that character is well conceived and enacted by him, resulting in a stunning performance by Kunchako. Even the smile and eyes of Melvin describes several stories. In the movie ‘Traffic’ Kunchcako received a meaty role as Dr.Abel Thariyan, again Chackochan has received an undeniable role in this movie too. The commissioner Sri Bala is played by Manju, she has regained her lost energy in this movie and she has received a huge applause in this movie. All though the selection of costumes seems to be bit of out of place but the performance of Manju out smarted that negative point. Indrajith had donned police uniform in Malayalam Cinema before and has won the hearts of the audience, in this movie also he plays a cop, he played very well. Ronny who plays as an assistant of investigation team and father’s role played by Prem Prakash, has done justice to their roles. The other major roles are handled by Kathal Sandhya, Deepak, Vijaya Ragavan, Baby Akshara, Jith, Santhosh Kizhatoor.

Technical Departments

Script & Direction :
This movie is the success of the director Rajesh Pillai, has presented the movie in a very thrilling manner. When each of the scene ends, the audience anxiety reaches to the highest point, definitely the director Rajesh Pillai can be proud of presenting a good thriller movie in Malayalam.

The screen play which is penned by Arun Lal Ramachandran deserves a special accolade. By connecting together, Arun was able to make the audience tight lipped and to make them sit pinned to their seat. Even after making good movies, always a hit was slipped between the hands of Arun but with ‘Vettah’ the things are to change. The movie is jointly produced by Haneef Muhammed under the banner Red Rose Creations and Rajesh Pillai Other Departments :
The visuals created by Aneesh Lal were very well and some of the shots were astonishingly good.Within two hours to complete a brilliant movie the role played by a editor is too high, that is the success of Abhilash Balachandran. He presented a good thriller movie without adding any unwanted scene.In a thriller movie the BGM and music plays a vital role. This movie has got best BGM and music by Shan Rahuman.

First Half Analysis

The first half of the movie tells how Melvin gets arrested in a case and tale move on with the investigation of Sreebala and Selex Abraham.

Second Half Analysis

As Sreebala and Selex advances with the investigation, some of the shocking incidents are awaiting for them, there by taking the movie to climax.

Crowd Verdict

The movie ‘Traffic’ was released on 2011 January at that time there was a huge applause in the theater, the history repeats again today on February 2016 when the title ‘A film by Rajesh Pillai’ appears on the screen.

Cinemakkaaran Verdict

In the genre of thriller movies in Malayalam, always the name ‘Vettah’ is there to remain, the story rendering like this isn’t experimented before in Malayalam cinema. Stunning performance by Chakochan, without a slightest doubt those who are interested to see all this can definitely take a ticket to watch ‘Veetah’ A big salute to Rajesh pillai and Arun Lal for making such a good movie.

Cinemakkaaran Rating

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