Kali | Review

Kali | Review | Rajiv Nedungadi

Theatre: Inox, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Show Time: 9:00 PM
Date: 26th Mar 2016
Status: 85%

Disclaimer: The below mentioned rating and review is strictly personal. Please feel free to go and watch the movie in the theaters because you may like it better than me.

As the title and the trailer suggests, the story is about DQ who keeps getting angry over small things. He responds or shouts even for thing like loud sounds or noise etc.

The first part of the story shows about DQ’s anger. The second part shows about how his wife and he gets into trouble because of his anger.

For people who have seen the movie, DQ did have other options on how he could have avoided all the trouble. He could have taken his wife and one of the goons along, and dropped the goon back with the cash. If the makers of the movie had thought about this, they would have come with a better story for sure.

The first was a little better according to me than the second part.

The performances of Sai Pallavi was brilliant. DQ was good too. Shoubin was seen here and there but he did his part with little comedies.

My favorite scenes in the movie are 1. Sai Pallavi driving initially, 2. DQ chasing the truck.

The other characters in the film did not have much to do.

Overall, its a one time watch according to me.


+ Good performance by DQ and Sai Pallavi
+ Shoubin, good as always
+ Both songs were good
+ Some good BGM


– Story
– Felt that the second part was a little slow at parts

Movie Rating: 2.5/5
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