Maheshinte Prathikaram VCD and DVD expected in the…….

Maheshinte Prathikaram Poster 2


Mahesh Bhavana (Fahadh Faasil) runs a studio in the Prakash City in Idukki established by his father Vincent Bhavana who is semi retired. Mahesh is the official local photographer for weddings and funeral services. He lives with his father and is friends with Flex printing shop owner Baby. Chrispin, a Photoshop wizard whom Baby employs at the studio is Mahesh’s close friend. Mahesh has a long time love affair with his school mate Soumya (Anusree), who is working as a nurse.

A seemingly trivial incident catapult into an argument between Baby and some youngsters. The argument turns into a fight between Mahesh Bhavana and Jimson, a welder. Mahesh gets humiliated in front of the whole village as he badly loses the fight with Jimson. Meanwhile Soumya gets a proposal from a foreign settled Saju, she opportunistically takes the chance. Mahesh takes a pledge that he will wear his Size 8 Lunar chappals/slippers only after taking revenge. Later Mahesh falls in love with Jimson’s sister Jimsy. While falling in love with her Mahesh gets in touch with the art of photography. Mahesh sits on his agenda for more than a year since Jimson has gone to gulf and trains in Kungfu for the same. When Jimson returns home for vacation Mahesh challenges him and wins the fight. After the seemingly sweet revenge he buys slippers and visits Jimson at hospital and asks Jimsy’s hand for marriage. The movie ends with laugh and Mahesh picking up Jimsy from a bus bay.


The most awaited Maheshinte Prathikaram VCD and DVD expected in the third / fourth week of May


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