Malgudi Days DVD and VCD released by Movie Channel

Malgudi Days DVD and VCD released by Movie Channel

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Malgudi Days

Directed by Visakh Vivek Vinod
Starring Anoop Menon
Janaki Menon
Vishal Krishna
Saiju Kurup
T P Madhavan
Priyanka Nair
Music by Dr Praveen
Cinematography Anil Nair
Edited by Shaijal PV
V Company
Distributed by Murali Films
Release dates
  • 8 January 2016
Running time
124 Minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam



The story happens in a winter season at a hill station near Vagamon. The landmark of the place is Malgudi National Public School which has “winter vacation” in place of summer vacation. The two child characters are Atheena and Milan pursuing their studies in this school. Atheena:-9 years old girl who is under depression after the accidental death of her father and is referred to this school by a psychiatrist to recover from the haunting memories of her father’s demise, but carries his spectacle with her. Milan:-9 years old boy who is troublesome for the entire staff and other children in the school because of his mischievous nature. Milan and Atheena, though at poles apart in character, soon become friends. In fact it is the diversity in their nature which brings them together. Zephan: – The lead role in the movie who is an escaped convict now. A flash back shows that he is an artist and craftsman by profession and was living happily with his wife and daughter, in a nearby village. One night when their daughter is away, his life turns topsy-turvy, after giving shelter to 4 unknown men in his house. What ensues is a series of unfortunate incidents and now he is on the run for his life, trying to evade police arrest. He seeks refuge in an abandoned house adjacent to the school. Atheena and Milan accidentally meet Zephan at the deserted house behind the school. Though frightened in the beginning, later they feel sympathetic for him as he is badly injured. Even though he is not disclosing his identity and his miseries, they get a feeling that he could be innocent. They start helping him with food, water and medicines which eventually builds up a strong emotional bond between them. He impresses them with his innovative art work (Origami style). Advent of winter:- Principal declares vacation and Zephan realizes this would be best time for him to plan his escape. On the final closing day, Atheena realizes that she missed to take her father’s spectacles and she along with Milan gets down from the school bus and sneaks their way to the hostel room. By chance, security locks the hostel without realizing that children are inside. The second half of the movie is about the 48 hours of their struggle to escape from the hostel room surviving the thirst, hunger, cold and fear. What happens to Zephan? Will he succeed in proving his innocence? What happens to children in the end? The answers to these questions form the climax of the movie.



  • Anoop Menon as Zephan, the mysterious man
  • Bhama as Janet
  • Janaki Menon as Atheena
  • Vishal Krishna as Milan
  • Priyanka Nair as Swathy
  • Saiju Kurup as Sub. Inspector Manu Varma
  • T P Madhavan as Principal
  • Irshad as Maoist Sudarshan
  • Sathyadev as Akbar Khan, Commando Officer





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