NO MORE Home Video releases

NO MORE Home Video releases

By Rajiv Nedungadi

Due to high rate of piracy, copyright holders of home video have not always been able to recover the money they have invested, by selling DVDs and VCDs. As many companies are in a loss we are already seeing that 40% of movies that release in Malayalam in a year, do not even release on a DVD. The DVD rights of some movies are taken by TV channels and is shown only on television but are not released on home video.

When a DVD is released, a rip is uploaded to torrent websites within hours. Due to high speed and low price of internet, people end up downloading the movies and watch them but do not realize the amount of money lost for the company who has invested in lacs to get the copyrights.

People say that they download illegally because they live abroad and have no way to watch the movies in their area or get the dvd. If these people invested twenty minutes to search for a torrent site, it would take them less than ten minutes to search for a website that ships the movie dvd overseas to their door step. So, its not the availability, its about spending money. Everyone wants to watch the movie even if its not worth it but no one wants to pay even for a good movie.

Just because of people who upload and distribute the movie and because many people download that pirated copy, everyone including the genuine buyers will soon have to wait for the new movies to either come in a theater near their place or will have to wait for the same to come on the TV as the home videos release would not happen.

Some companies have already started to release the movies on Youtube legally so that they can at least generate some revenue from there.

Ten years back, renting out VHS, VCDs and DVDs was a common business. People could see one rental shop in every nook and corner but in the last few years, almost all of these rental shows have closed down. For more than 12 years, I used to buy music and movie discs from a store in Kerala when ever I used to visit there but last year due to low business even that shop closed. They were a shop that used to supply movies to all the near by shops in the area. Thanks to uploaders and downloaders, they are not just hurting the copy right holders but also thousands of other famalies who made a living by renting or selling movies and music.

If people do not stop uploading and downloading, a couple of years from now, no one will have anything to upload and download as there wont be a DVD release in Malayalam, at least. So stop stealing and buy legal.



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