Kamattipadam DVD / Blu Ray Release Details

Kamattipadam DVD / Blu Ray Release Details

Kammatipaadam is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Rajeev Ravi and written by P. Balachandran. The film stars Dulquer Salman, Vinayakan, Manikandan R Achari, Vinay Forrt, Shine Tom Chacko, and Shaun Romy. The songs were composed by K, John P. Varkey and Vinayakan[5] while the background score was composed by K.

The film centers on Kammatipaadam, a slum locality in Ernakulam, Kerala. It focuses on how the Dalit community was forced to give up their lands to real-estate mafias and how modern urbanisation of Kochi metro-city took place over the plight of the Dalits.


DVD Release

The DVD of the movie is expected in the 2nd or 3rd Week of August 2016. The DVD would have the 177 minute Theatrical Edition only

Blu Ray Release

The Blu Ray release is expected either during August end or in September. The Blu Ray is said to have the 4 hour version of the film.

Kammatti Paadam Poster


2 thoughts on “Kamattipadam DVD / Blu Ray Release Details”

  1. All ready I watch the film. What ever I want two versions of the film…
    Because watching this film is reading like good book…so


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