11/06/2017 Upcoming releases

11/06/2017 Upcoming releases

Upcoming releases

PAREETH PANDARI release on 20-06-2017. (Tentative)
VEERAM release on 20-06-2017. (Tentative)
ANGAMALY DIARIES release on 20-06-2017. (Tentative) (Also on Blu Ray)
ALAMARA release on 22-06-2017. (Tentative)
TAKE OFF release on 28-06-2017. (Tentative) (Also on Blu Ray)
RAMANTE EDANTHOTTAM release on 29-06-2017. (Tentative)
GEORGETTANS POORAM release on 30-06-2017. (Tentative)
ELECTRA release on 25-06-2017. (Tentative)
PUTHAN PANAM release on 29-06-2017. (Tentative)
MY GREAT FATHER release on 29-06-2017. (Tentative) (Also on Blu Ray)
PINNEYUM release on 29-05-2017. (Tentative)
RAKSHADHIKARI BAIJU OPPU release on 15-07-2017. (Tentative)
SAKHAVU release on 15-07-2017. (Tentative)
CIA release on 15-07-2017. (Tentative) (Also on Blu Ray)
BAAHUBALI 2 THE CONCLUSION release on 28-07-2017. (Tentative) (Also on Blu Ray) – DVD Rs.150/-, VCD Rs.100/- and Blu Ray Rs.800/-



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