Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan | Review

Nagara Varidhi Naduvil Njan | Review

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla – Premiere
Show Time: 8:08 PM
Date: 4th January 2015
Status: 15%, even after being a Sunday

People have too much expectation when they hear that Sreenivasan has a part behind the story or dialogue of a film, this movie would certainly disappoint those people. Even though I read a few average to negative feedback about the movie, I still went ahead and watched the movie as I had a chance to watch a movie today and had no other option other than this movie.

+ Decent BGM
+ Sangeetha did a good job even though she did not have too much
+ Sreenivasan was ok to good

– Story/Script not up to the mark, should have been better
– Not much comedy
– Uninteresting and boring

Verdict: Flop

Bangalore Days | Review

Bangalore Days | Review

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla – Premiere, Mumbai
Show Time: 7:20 PM
Date: 1st June 2014
Status: House Full

Was planning to watch this movie the moment I read about it on various sites, especially because this was an Anjali Menon movie. When I read about the reviews about the movie, I was even more eager to watch it.

The first half of the movie was full of fun with good comedies. Nivin proved that he can handle comedy as well. Dulquar and Fahadh were good too but Nazriya was the best of them. I hope she continues to act in movies even after their marriage, at least for some time. I read about the second half having lags here and there but I never felt that so. Equal amount of Comedy and sentimental elements are a part of the movie.

+ Anjali Menon’s Story and Direction
+ Brilliant performance by Navin Pauly, Dalquer Salman, Fahadh Fazil
+ Nazriya was the best
+ Fantastic Sound and Video Quality
+ Good Songs and BGM
+ 2 Hours 50 Minutes of Entertainment

– None in particular

Verdict: Block Buster.

Movie Rating: 5.0/5.0

How Old Are You | Review

How Old Are You | Review

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla – Premiere, Mumbai
Show Time: 7:20 PM
Date: 24th May 2014
Status: House Full

Having liked Manju Warrier because of her performances from her old movies, went to watch her come back movie “How Old are you”. The two main reasons to go and watch this movie is 1. Manju Warrier, 2. Roshan Andrews. Had to book the tickets two days in advance as I could not get the tickets last week. I was not surprised to note that the show was house full.

The movie is full of Manju Warrier, there is no change in her performance even after 15 years, she is as good as always. The best part of the movie is Manju and the message they have given to us, there is not just one, but two messages. Kunchacko did not have too much role in the movie but he too did well. The movie gave equal importance to sentiments and comedy.

Ones the movie ended, the theatre was full of claps and that’s for Roshan Andrews and Manju Warrier

+ Manju Warrier’s brilliant performance
+ Fantastic Sound and Video Quality
+ Good Music, BGM
+ Not much Lag in the 2:20 hours of the movie
+ Great Script and direction
+ The movie has a message for everyone

– None in particular

Verdict: Super Hit.

Movie Rating: 4.5/5.0

Drishyam | Review

Drishyam | Review

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla – Premiere
Show Time: 6:45 PM
Date: 28th December 2013
Status: House Full

Drishyam released in Mumbai on 27th December. Had a chance to watch it today (28th Dec).

After reading a lot of reviews on various forums and websites, decided to watch this movie. Booked the tickets through When I checked back the website (after 6-8 hours) to get more tickets for a colleague, realized that it was house full for two days, which made me more eager to watch the movie

The first 50 minutes to an hour was like watching a Sathyan Anthikkad movie, until the twist happened before the interval. The second half was really thrilling.

Overall, its a well made movie


+ Good performance by Mohanlal, he is back with a bang.
+ Ansiba Hassan, Esther and Kalabhavan Shajon also did a good job
+ Fantastic Sound and Video Quality
+ Good Music, good songs
+ Excellent Script and direction
+ Some good locations
+ Excellent family entertainer
+ Great Climax


– None

Verdict: Block Buster.

Movie Rating: 5/5

Punyalan Agarbathis | Review

Punyalan Agarbathis | Review

Theatre: PVR: Market City, Kurla, Mumbai – Premiere
Show Time: 7:40 PM
Date: 8th December 2013
Status: Housefull

Punyalan Agarbathis released in Mumbai on 6th December, got a chance to watch it today. Being a Sunday, it was housefull.


+ Jayasurya has performed really well.
+ Good title song
+ Excellent performances by Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sukhada and Aju Verghese
+ Lots of good comedies
+ Good Direction
+ Stress Buster


– Story is average, could have been better

Verdict: Hit.

Movie Rating: 3.5/5.0

Memories | Review

Memories | Review
Theatre: Little Alex, Pattambi
Show Time: 11:00 AM
Date: 21st Sept 2013

After reading a lot of positive reviews about the movie, I was able to watch it today. Even though it was a Saturday, there were hardly 25 people for the show.

The Positives

+ The performance of Prithviraj was superb
+ Some good camera work
+ Good Direction
+ Good Suspense thriller
+ Only one song but it was good.
+ The best part of the movie was the climax scene
+ Background music was good

The Negatives

– A little bit of lag here and there when Prithviraj does nothing other than drink
– Not much role for Miya George or Meghna Raj

Movie Rating: 4.0/5.0

Pullipulikalum Attumkuttiyum Review

Pullipulikalum Attumkuttiyum Review

Theatre: Alex, Pattambi
Show Time: 2:30 PM
Date: 17th Sept 2013

I went to the theater with a lot of hope as it was a Lal Jose movie and after I read numerous positive reviews on FK.

Due to Onam, the balcony had 100% occupancy and Stall had around 60%, even though the movie has been released a few weeks back.

The Positives

+ The performances by Kunchacko Boban were good
+ Good Direction
+ Good visuals, would be good to see them again on a Blu ray
+ Good performance by the three elder brothers
+ Suraj did not do any over acting as he does in his other movies, he did a good job

The Negatives

– There could have been more comedy
– There is not enough story in the whole movie

Movie Rating: 2.5/5